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10 Events World Largest Internet

Thursday, November 19th, 2009 | Internet

dangdutThe Internet has changed many things. Webby Awards Awards named, try grouping 10 events in the world’s most powerful Internet in the last decade.

Craigslist’s popularity until the birth of Facebook entry in it. This list includes moments that are already felt the impact of magnitude since the beginning or casual event, but proved very influential in the future.

Ten moments that there are not ranked but are considered equally important. “How important is it depends who you are and are interested in anything,” said David-Michel Davies, executive director of the Webby Awards.

Quoted from CNN, the following 10 most important moments in the world of the Internet version of the Webby Awards by the time of the:

– Year 2000: Site Craigslits advertising expands from its base in San Francisco. Popularity exploded and assessed as an example of transition to the online newspaper ads.

– Year 2000: Launch of Google AdWords service. This service is considered to make the online advertisers better target the desired customers.

– Year 2001: Launch of Wikipedia, which was hailed as the beginning of the online world of collaborative projects. Currently, Wikipedia already has more than 14 million articles.

– Year 2001: Napster closed. Closing file sharing sites are considered to trigger the growth of legal music sites such as Hulu or iTunes.

– Year 2004: Bid early Google shares to the public. This step is considered as the beginning of the internet giant Google to be influential today.

– Year 2006: the online video revolution triggered YouTube. Faster bandwidth, a cheap video camera, triggering the explosion of online video.

– Year 2006: Facebook opened to the public outside the campus and the beginning of Twitter was born. Online social networking revolution triggered by these two sites.

– Year 2007: Debut iPhone smartphone. Apple mobile phone has sparked the popularity of mobile applications via the internet which now seemed to be a mandatory item.

– Year 2008: The dominance of the Internet in the United States presidential election. Unprecedented candidacy was strongly influenced battle in cyberspace activity.

– Year 2009: Protest Iranian elections via the Internet, the main Twitter. By blocking access to reporters, a mainstay Twitter spreads the news about Iran’s

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