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Warning : Change Your Settings Privacy Facebook

Thursday, December 10th, 2009 | Internet

It’s time more attention to Facebook users of their privacy in virtual worlds. The number of cases of violence and fraud that use the personal data on the Internet, already must be aware of in order not to fall Facebooker similar cases.

That’s one of the reasons Facebook has invited citizens to begin to change their privacy settings to be more controlled. This message was conveyed through a pop-up message that appears when users Facebook log-in to their accounts today.

Here’s a quick explanation of the changes had privacy settings.

Facebook users will be faced with 3 choices of who-anyone who can see the contents of her account. The contents of this account concerning personal data, the updated status, pictures you have uploaded to the content of their wall, are the 3 choices are: Everyone, Friends of Friends and Friends.

Setting choice for the Friends, this means that only friends in the network are able to see the information distributed. This is recommended for sensitive data like phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses.

To Friends of Friends, is a friend of the network can also see the user’s Facebook profile. Everyone was for choice, Facebook users should be more careful, because by setting this option, this means the same as user information indulgence to all those who deal with the internet, is no exception.

There are also other available options of ‘customized’ where users can Setting certain people can see or can not see the posts made, by typing their name in the box provided.

Facebook hopes, with the conversion of a more detailed setting, users more control over their privacy than the previous setting. “We asked the 350 million users of our site to think about privacy for the first time,” said Tim Sparapani, director of public policy that was launched Facebook from WashingtonPost

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