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Cyber Attacks, Threats Very Dangerous After Nuclear

Thursday, December 10th, 2009 | Internet

Cyber attack was already regarded as a serious threat. Even placed one position below the level of nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction capable of burning hundreds of thousands of lives in one attack.

Technology progress infinite background worry these experts. They also warned of impending ‘cybergeddon‘. That is a condition in which all critical facilities and infrastructure that take advantage of computer equipment were randomized by random-cracker.

Excerpted from the Examiner, Deputy Secretary for Public Safety of New York described, the service became easy targets for cyber attacks is a financial institution until the institution of safe water supply systems.

Computer hacking was originally better known in the underground world of cyberspace ‘only’ as a fun activity. It is usually used as a performance arena as the ability to break down a computer system or the site of an organization / company.

But over time, the action ‘meddling’ that continues to grow and even misused for the purpose of seeking more than just fun, but is crippled computer networks opponent.

As did the original virtual Ghost Russian-Damage devastating Internet network in Estonia and Georgia last year. Then there is the action of Palestinian sympathizers held a sympathetic action by attacking some Israeli sites.

these movements had feared would develop into a mass cyber attack actions. Where in each hacker attack another country.

Spokesperson for the Global Terror Alert also highlights the problem of movements that use terrorist networks social networking sites to recruit new members and disseminating radical ideas.

“One place you destroy, then there will be more that will appear in other places.” spokesman said the Global Terror Alert, highlighting sites agile radicals.

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