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Final Random Inspection (FRI)

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The Last After To Be continued from Quality Assurance Process Softlines ,Tools Necessary for Inspection ,

Pre-Production (PP Checking ) and During Production Inspection (DUPRO) is…

1. Meeting with factory Management.

  • Review the packing list to determine the # of cartons to inspect by PO by color / size.
  • Review the factory final self-report.
  • Result feedback for the issues that were raised at the TCPS DUPRO inspection.

2. Check the carton quality and quantity base on the packing list

3. Randomly select the cartons base on the sampling size use “ Square Root” rule.

  • To check the shipping mark, carton label
  • To check size/color assortment and packing quality
  • To check the packing material for hanger, hangtag, price ticket, etc.

4. Check workmanship pc by pc at a correct sampling plan. The inspection for this stage should focus more on general appearance, color shading, button sewn, finish, safety and function impacted as DUPRO ‘s satisfied on the sewing quality.
5. Size measurement same procedure as the DUPRO inspection except that only key points of measure are audited, also spot check any non- critical measurement problem uncovered at DUPRO fit audit to make sure problems are solved.

Key Point of Measurement
Tops:   Minimum Neck Stretch, Body Length (HPS/CBL),
Bust/Chest, Armhole, Neck Width, Sleeve Length.
Bottom: Waist, Low Hip, Front/Back Rise, Functional Zipper
Opening, Pocket Opening, Leg Opening, Inseam,
Center Back Skirt Length
6. Pick up the shipment sample from the inspected unit and lock green seal send to Merchandise Division in OWC.
7. Review the defective garment with the factory and complete the FRI report. Issue the shipment release if the inspection passed for FRI, and all standard validated.
8. Tour factory to complete the Compliance Short Audit.

Actions in case of inspection failed for FRI
TCPS should work with the factory for the corrective action. And identify the problem can be corrected with not impact of on time delivery.
1. Factory need to re-inspect quality on the
entire production. And request TCPS 2nd
FRI with a self-inspection report

2. TCPS need to communicate with merchandise division if the rejected units can not be amended or delivery potential delay due to the factory’s re-work. The representative samples with the details information/data should be provided as well.

3. Hold shipment until all are validated.

The report reflects factory quality performance by FRI and input by TCPS inspector after a FRI completed. This report should be shared with the factory, vendor and TSS/AMC merchandise division for business development reference.

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