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Intel Core I3 ready Adoption 32nm

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 | Komputer

After formally introducing I5 Core processors and Core i7 Lynnfield, Intel is now preparing for a new processor that has been using 32nm fabrication production, namely the Intel Core I3.

Intel Core i7 and Core I5 Lynnfield current fine is called the Intel processor with the most advanced technology. However, Intel no longer will be poured new processor family that has been used for 32nm manufacturing.

Intel Core Series I5 600, 500 and I3 Core Pentium Dual-core variant of others rumored to be a processor for low-end systems with the smallest production fabrication, ie, 32nm.

Although created for users with limited funds, the processor is rumored to be marketed from 2010 that still use the technology not unlike the Core i7 Lynnfield, call it High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) has.

As quoted from Techpowerup, Tuesday, the processor will be present for the PC desktop with a password Clarkdale and notebook codenamed Arrandale.


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