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New Sites, Files and Maintenance

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 | SEO

If you’re construction of a new website don’t put on AdSense to it’s done. Indeed, I’d go further and say don’ t put AdSense on it, until you have ties arrival and has launched more traffic. If you have a website with “lorem ipsum” fake or reserved the place of text, your AdSense ads are certainly be off topic. This is often the case for new files on websites, especially if the subject new or different. There may be days or weeks for google’s media Bot return to your site and you make the ads in a targeted manner.

Tip: If you start always a lot of traffic from a variety of IP’s you at the speed of this process dramatically.

I want my sides by the files included. I the header and footer and navigation in files. It makes it much easier to maintain and manage. I would like my AdSense in the files included. If I want / should change my AdSense, it’s only, I have a file on the workplace.

Tip: I also programming AdSense or turning off. I can be a change in global variable to “true” or “false” and in my AdSense ads appear or disappear.

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