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rarely updated, but the number 1 on google.co.id

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 | SEO

I do not understand why all this happened. fire the factory where my work, making everything a mess. erratic posting schedule, which is not busy job, a job that should be brought home. it makes dollar floating on the internet does not come into my account.
but I’ve always tried to maintain the position of google, so it is still in the top 10 searches.
one must I maintain is the company’s website, with keywords “Safety Shoes” should always be number 1 from 62.200.000,-, so that could help the company in terms of sales.
grateful for all that was accomplished, by studying a good SEO, your site will always be top 10 google search.
hopefully all of this quickly passed.
to the friends who have badwidth regulatory programs for windows server 2003, can be shared here. I really need it

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