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Search Backlink Automatically

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 | SEO

Search Backlink Automatically, We are sometimes hard to find a link back to add to traffic blogs, many also know that guns do, especially if you have a new blog and take a long time if we are using the system send requests and wait for approval from the owner’s blog destination.

Now there are plugins Link launder that can be set automatically building links to blogs, how it works once installed and we’ll setup a username while posting the plugin will index-existing posts and will find related posts on other blogs that also use this plugin, and direct enter url of our blog posts and anchor text to blog posts that are considered to have the same topic, his anchor and direct link listed at the bottom of posts from other blogs.



Simply install the plugin and the list on its web in order to see the statisticsĀ  and the member is required to setup a username plugin on our blog. How to list on its web kog, do not forget to click the confirmation link sent to your email.

Good Luck

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