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SpeedyFox, Make Firefox More speeding

Monday, September 7th, 2009 | Internet, Komputer

SpeedyFoxMozilla Firefox is a web browser that many Internet users demand. Unfortunately one of the weaknesses of the ‘fox fire’ is a slow loading time, due to the high memory consumption, when the web browser is opened.

As quoted from Crystalidea, Monday (7/9/2009) is a free application called SpeedyFox. Free application for Windows is able to make ‘the fox fire’ to run faster, enough with just a single click. As a result users will feel the startup speed 3x faster than usual. In addition, the speed of browsing history will also be increased, and the performance of the cookies seem faster than before.

This can happen because basically, Firefox uses the SQLite database to store many settings. With the growth of this database, the performance of the browser becomes slow. SpeedyFox as lack teraturan organize these databases, without losing the data in it.

Before use, the user must close all applications first Firefox. After that just launched the application. If interested, users can download at the following link

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