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Trojan or Trojan Horse virus

Monday, March 28th, 2011 | Komputer

Trojan or Trojan Horse virus may have been the often heard or never seen a computer antivirus detects the virus is identified as a Trojan virus. Maybe there who think the trojan is the name of a computer virus such as the names of other computer viruses such as viral miss, Brontok virus and others.
Trojan Horse or Trojan could be called is actually a type / class of viruses is not the name of a virus. The term Trojan horse is taken from ancient Greek legend that is the story of the Trojan War or the War of Troy / Troy.
Her story is like this, (fairytale first):

Once On A Crown Prince Kingdom of the Trojan named Paris involved affair with his wife Helen in Greek officials. It made the Greek empire angry and attacked the kingdom of Troy. However, once a strong fortress besieged Troy 10 years was also not give up.

Greek troops who were desperate end using cunning tactics, they pretended to leave the city of Troy and hiding behind a hill, but they left a large wooden horse statue, filled with Greek elite.
Troy residents rejoice knowing Greek troops had retreated, and a good horse statue relic Greek troops were paraded into the city of Troy.
At night when the population and the troops slept Trojan elite troops in the Trojan horse sculpture outside, partly opened the gates to the Greek troops hiding outside the gate, some attacking the vital objects of the Trojan empire. Then destroyed the kingdom of Troy. because there is a computer virus has a character similar story Trojan Horse / Trojan Horse virus is then classified into several Trojan Horses viruses. Trojan virus is a program that consists of 2 parts: a program that infiltrated into the victim’s computer with all its guile, and the only program that runs a computer hacker.
If a hacker managed to smuggle into the victim’s computer program, then the hacker can snoop and control (to remote) computer activity victims of computer hackers.
Trojan virus is very dangerous for a computer user who connects a computer network or the Internet, because it could so hackers can steal sensitive data such as passwords emails, internet banking, paypal, e-gold, credit cards and others. If you frequently do online financial activity it must be ensured that your computer safe from virus-free.
To prevent and remove the Trojan virus makes sure you install antivirus software that is always updated, begin both innate Firewall from Windows or from the outside also reduces the risk of our computer under surveillance or controlled from another computer.
Always beware if your computer has something gaffe, if antivirus is not able to cope with the virus, just format the computer and reinstall the operating system and software-sofwarenya. Avoid using illegal software / pirated because often without us knowing it was infiltrated by a virus Trojan software.

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