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Van drivers are protesting because of Van insurance and gasoline prices rising

Friday, February 25th, 2011 | Uncategorized

The cost of petrol now averages 114p per litre and diesel 126p per litre – a side trip in addition to van insurance and road tax prices. The increase in the cost of fuel in the UK was protested yesterday by van and truck drivers. Disgruntled drivers in the south of England at the head of Marble Arch in convoys in order to express their dissatisfaction with increases across the industry.

Organizers transaction 2007 has welcomed about 300 vehicles an A40 protest, with another 100 reported in Wales, according to Times Online. “We are not multinational companies face – we are small and medium family farms built up over generations, with hard work and determination,” read a letter from the group to Gordon Brown.

Meanwhile, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that at European level in the VAT cut would reduce the cost of fuel across the continent

Around 65 vehicles converging in Park Lane to protest against the 30% increase in prices of diesel pump in 12 months. The organizers presented a coffin to the Houses of Parliament to represent hundreds of transport companies argue that bankruptcy as a result.

It follows a 48-hour strike at Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland in a dispute over pension changes. Tuesday, the protest was organised by the transaction 2007, one of the groups behind the fuel protests in 2000 that caused 90% of petrol stations to run dry.

The convoy started in Kent and direct M2 motorway in the capital.

Organizers said fuel for a typical articulated lorry hour costs up to £ 1000 per week. The problem was exacerbated by foreign carriers arriving in the UK “fully on board with the fuel cheaper,” said spokesman Mike Presneill. “Our industry is the lifeblood of the UK economy,” he added.

“Fuel is increasing on a daily basis. It is now at levels that are bankrupting hundreds of small and medium-sized freight.” First to arrive was the driver Mick Clifton, 37, who works for JS Cook, a company based in Moulton Chapel in Lincolnshire. He said: “The price of fuel at the moment is ridiculous. We simply do not know if our jobs are about to be safe.

“If Gordon Brown not to do something about this soon will be out of office.” The road haulage association’s chief executive Roger King, urged the government to abandon plans to increase taxes on fuels 2p next October. He said: “We support a peaceful and legal protest and that this is what it is. We believe that such an exercise helps highlight the true carriers have feelings.” Manifestanti also delivered a letter summarizing their grievances to the Houses of Parliament, together with a copy of the 2005 Burns investigation. The independent investigation the effect of fuel taxation found that the level of duty diesel in the UK was higher than the EU average.

The road haulage association represents more than 10000 transport companies operating in the hire and reward sector of the United Kingdom basa logistics sector. The association provides dedicated advice, information and business services tailored to the needs of its members. Another key role is that of negotiator. Not only in high-profile discussions with Government on national issues, but also through regular contacts with local planning committees, regional transport groups and, of course, the European Commission.

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