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Warning, your Paypal Account locked Forever

Monday, March 7th, 2011 | mencari uang via internet

Paypal as one of the online payment tool is quite popular besides having the advantage of a weakness that could be a horrific scourge for the owner a paypal account, paypal one weakness that may be good intentions to protect consumers is the security that sometimes Paypal that not infrequently lead to a paypal account effected by limited access.

Paypal security measure that is sometimes too much is very annoying, I personally was effected by limitations paypal 2 times but the more tragic is the incident a few days ago my friend who paypal account permanently suspended without mercy.

This is a reply paypal email when my friend and I tried to appeal to the appeal, aka PP

Thank you for contacting PayPal in regard to the account limitation

We appreciate your interest in PayPal. Unfortunately, our decision to
lock your account is final

PayPal reserves the right to lock any account reported to be involved in
possible fraudulent or high risk behavior.  In the event of a dispute,
PayPal will seek to recover the funds from you by debiting your PayPal
balance and, if there are not sufficient funds in your PayPal balance,
PayPal reserves the right to collect your debt to PayPal by any other
legal means.

Thank you for using PayPal for your online payment needs.

PayPal Account Review Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

See what I bolded the sentence, which essentially blocked paypal account locked or  frozen forever without mercy.

Cause Paypal locked or Closed

If you note from the above quote were the words “dispute” if confused please translate into Indonesian:) but the core dispute is a complaint from the buyer or the person who sent the funds to our paypal with a variety of reasons, and if the buyer won the funding dispute will return to the buyer: (.

The main cause of my friend’s paypal account is closed forever because there is a buyer who did dispute and I am sure it’s just human fraudulent buyers irresponsible.

So for those of you owners often accept paypal and payment should be if you have a dispute to settle (though sometimes there is also a buyer that does not help at all because his intention from the beginning good), because if not you could be completed as soon as it happened as my friend’s account pp which closed forever without mercy while inside there are funds of about $ 100 more.

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