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What is PayPal and How to Works with PayPal?

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 | mencari uang via internet

What is PayPal… ? PayPal is the “mediator or broker services’ most popular in the world today for online transactions. Formerly Moneygrams and wire transfers to the standard payment, but now more than 99 million Internet users prefer to PayPal to send money to one another. PayPal has gained trust and comfort to transfer money online, almost 95% of payment on eBay using PayPal.

eBay uses PayPal as their online auction payment intermediaries. Previously, eBay had bought Billpoint in May 1999 and became the sole intermediary payment approved by eBay, although the option to use other payment methods are still allowed. In February 2000, on average there are around 200,000 per day of supply that uses PayPal, while the use Billpoint bidding only reached 4000 only. Even in April 2000, there were already more than one million bids using PayPal.

Finally, in 2002, eBay acquires PayPal for U.S. $ 1.5 billion. eBay later deleted through Billpoint payment service PayPal to increase potency. Many of the major competitors of PayPal which eventually went bankrupt or sold, such as Citibank C2IT which closed in late 2003, Yahoo! PayDirect which closed in late 2004, and Western Union’s BidPay service which closed in 2005. Another PayPal competitor who still survive until now, among others, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, WebMoney and Moneybookers.

In the first quarter of 2006, total transactions made through PayPal to reach U.S. $ 8 billion, up 41% from year to year.

Today, PayPal has become the world’s largest payment instrument with more than 153 million accounts. PayPal can be used in 190 countries and 17 different currencies worldwide. PayPal also support e-commerce transactions by enabling global locations, currencies, and different languages around the world.

Is Paypal more secure than other means of payment online?

Wisdom of the written protection for buyers who use Paypal stating that the buyer can use the Paypal complaint within 60 days if the buyer has not yet received the goods ordered or if goods ordered does not match the description the seller notified. If the buyer uses a credit card charge back will receive a refund from their credit card company.
PayPal also protects the seller from a refund or complain depending on the circumstances and evidence, written for the seller protection policy designed to protect seller from the buyer claims that claims to have sent money there is no record evidence of payment, every purchase using Paypal there is always a record of proof of payment in your Paypal account senders and receivers of money, as if it is true there has been evidence of money transfer. This became the main advantages of PayPal and no other payment instrument that has this facility.

How It Works PayPal?

As a broker in online transactions, PayPal makes someone in transferring money only with “the email recipient.” Other party can not see the credit card information or bank account. This became the advantages of PayPal in maintaining the security of personal data users.

Which should be prepared?
To send or receive money through PayPal, no need of sophisticated equipment or other payment documents. That need to be prepared only:
1. email.
2. funds from both PayPal balance, credit card or bank account.

How much does PayPal cost?
There are no fees to list PayPal as well as for transfers from Bank Account to PayPal Account.
Users will be charged a small fee to:
* Personal PayPal account, will be charged if you accept payment by credit card.
* Premier or Business account, will be charged each receive a payment.

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