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What is the Purpose Of Job Pre-Written in Linkworth

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 | mencari uang via internet

Linkworth one broker paid review is a bit different with most other broker paid review one of them there are many job options we can take or get, besides linkpost or paid review. In addition there is also linkpost on LinkWorth linkads, linkintxt, linkmura, linkbb etc.

But until now the job that I ever could in Linkworth only linkpost and linkads (selling links). To linkpost there are 2 types of jobs that are available are the same as other paid review should be written themselves and some are quite copy and paste or pre-written.

To pre-written job we simply copy and paste articles that have been disedian advertiser, do not need to bother writing reviews, of course, the opportunity to diaprove also greater because we are just told to copy and paste unless you have the wrong copy paste

Nice not just copy writing and get paid. I am not too familiar with the pre-written LinkWorth if indeed they make different versions for each publisher or the same, but after some time I checked was pre-written papers that I publish are no duplicate

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